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Review: Marylin Monroe Revolution Pro Collection.

Hi Everyone, Today is the day to review this beautiful palette, lipstick and highlighter of the Marylin Monroe Collection. I bought this collection, not the enitre collection, a few days ago. I really love this collection and i decided to buy the highlighter and lipstick plus eyeshadow palette. I have never been a huge Maryiln Monroe fan but i when i saw this palette i had to buy it and try it out and ofcourse write about it.

I am going to start with the eyeshadow palette, this palette is absolutely stunning. The colours vary from golden colours to bronze to pink to very glttery colours. I personally am obsessed with silver and pink colours. They really finish of this palette.

The colours feel very soft and are very pigmented. The glittery ones are gorgeous. This palette is perfect for this years Christmas and New Years Eve.

Here is a quick swatch.

The outside of the palette contains diamonds (not real ones) and a huge mirror from the inside. The Highlighter is a whole other level of glitter, seriously, it is so pigmented and so pretty. It finishes off the Marylin look and gives u a nice shine.

Personally i feel this highlighter is perfect for special occasions.

Now what is a Marylin look without a red lip? Nothing! Let me tell u this, once i tried the lipliner, the red one, it was so soft and the apply went on perfectly. I really love the lipstick, it's a matt colours and more of a light red than a dark deep red. Here is a swatch.

I have always been Revolution fan and i love their products but this collection really brought the icing on the cake. I love this collection and I hope Revolution continues with this line of products and collections etc. I bought this collection through a dutch website called: it's a webshop full of beautyprudocts, the delivery was fast and their packages are so cute!

If you are a fan of Marylin, it's a must in your collection. All the colours represent Marylin in a beautiful way. I didn't knew much about Marylin but after buying this collection i googled her lifestory, haha. Defenitly try it out!

Any questions? Ask them down below!

xoxo Lola.

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