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Review: The Anastasia Bevery Hills Palette - Noveau.

Review: Anastascia Beverly Hills Noveau Palette.

My new review of the palette i have been waiting to buy for oh so long. I am a fan of Anastasia products so buying this palette was like heaven. The colours are absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous for an everyday use.

The front is green and the cover has a pattern, inside you have a mirror and the colours each have a name. The colours vary from a very light peach to light greens, darker glittery greens to a light purple.


Wings: is a nice light glittery green colour.

Isle: is nice peachy glittery coulor.

Belle: is a very nice golden brown colour.

Wisteria: Light Purple colour.

Lili: Very glittery peachy colour

Hope: Very green light glittery colour.

Paloma: light peachy colour.

Fleur: Light brown peachy matt colour.

Liberty: dark green matte colour:

Peacock: purple/green glittery colour.

Metro: light matt orangy colour.

Muse: Dark brown glittery colour.

I have been use this for almost everyday now. The colours feels very creamy and soft and u can combine them very easily for an everyday smokey look or a nighttime look. I like to put Metro shade on my crease, create half a cut crease, on top of that add Fleur and then add smokey Muse at the end of your lid , creating a smokey look.

I am a huge fan of this palette, i never tried many ABH products besides the mini soft glam, which i also reviewed but this makes me wonder if i should. My favorite colour is peacock, it's simply amazing, very unique colour that i do not have in my collection so far.

I bought this palette for 38 euro's, it was on sale but u can purchase it on almost every make up drugstore that sales Anastasia. I recommend this palette, it's simply pretty and feels great on your skin too!

Any questions? Ask me down below:).

xoxo Lola's Beauty.

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