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Review: The Anastasia Bevery Hills Palette - Noveau.

Updated: May 15

Today i am going to review the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette - Noveau eyeshadow palette. I have been obsessed with this palette ever since laying my eyes on it. The colours are absolutely breathtaking and just gorgeous on every skin colour.

The cover is light green and looks like this.


Wings: is a nice light glittery green colour.

Isle: is a nice peachy glittery coulor.

Belle: is a very nice golden brown colour.

Wisteria: Light Purple colour.

Lili: Very glittery peachy colour

Hope: Very green light glittery colour.

Paloma: light peachy colour.

Fleur: Light brown peachy matt colour.

Liberty: dark green matte colour:

Peacock: purple/green glittery colour.

Metro: light matt orangy colour.

Muse: Dark brown glittery colour.

I have been use this palette for everyday makeup looks. The colours feels very creamy and soft and u can combine them very easily for an everyday daytime look or a nighttime look. I like to put the metro shade on my crease, create half a cut crease, on top of that add fleur and then add smokey muse at the end of your lid .

I am a huge fan of this palette, i never tried many ABH products besides the mini soft glam, which i also reviewed but this makes me wonder if i should buy more. This Anastasia palette is simply breathtaking

I bought this palette for 38 euro's, it was on sale but u can purchase it on almost every make up drugstore that sales Anastasia BH . I recommend this palette, it's simply pretty and lasts all day.

Any questions? Ask me down below:).

xoxo Lola's Beauty.

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