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Review: My favorite parfums for this Spring 2024.

Let me start this month May with a review of a few of my favorite parfums. This spring i was looking for fresh, fruity smells and i found a few perfums to try out this Spring.

First let me start off with the Moschino Toy 2 parfume. I was already familiar with Moschino parfume Fresh Gold Couture, i loved it and the parfume always stayed throughout the day. I loved it so much, i decided to try another parfume of the Moschino collection.

I came across the Toy 2 perfume 30 ml bottle at the store and decided to buy it and try it out, it was on sale and i bought it for around 40 euro´s.

As you can see the parfume has a teddy bear shape, which is absolutely cute and it looks so cute on the outside. I bought the 30 ml and i would describe the smell as very soapy and very fresh. If your spray it smells very soapy like you just walked out of the shower. Personally i´m a fan of smells like i just walked out the shower but i can imagine it would be to soapy for some people. I can say it lasts all day cause it´s that strong of a perfume, it lasts up to 8 hours. This perfume does make me feel like i just stepped out of the shower, very clean and very fresh, sharp, slightly sweet, fresh, and floral. It smells a little like shampoo some even compare it to a smell of an fresh sweet apple.

Good for the office and for a everyday wear, just don´t spray too much, a few sprays are enough, i feel like if you spray too much it can smell very soapy.

Next parfume is the s.Oliver for her/ eau de toilette. 30 ml . I really love this low budget perfume, it lasts all day and it has very fruity/floral/sweet, fresh smell to it, just a few sprays and you are good to go. I tried the perfume and it seriously lasts all day up to 8 hours, you just need a little and that for the price of 24,95 euro´s, i had so many compliments. They have a website and i think it´s a german brand and itś pretty low budget. This perfume makes me feel very feminine and sexy. This is a perfume you can wear on everyday/special occasions.

The outside bottle looks very cute and has a bow. You can definitly bring it with you in a your bag, it´ś lightweight and easy to use.

Lets go to next one the Bruno Banani not for everybody Pure Woman Eau de toilette.

It´s cute pink perfume bottle. I bought the 30 ml bottle which will last u long time.

Bruno Banani is a German fashion company with headquarters in Chemnitz. They sell alot of parfums here in the Netherlands and i really love those low budget perfums of their ´not everybody collection. This pink bottle perfum has a very soapy smell and also sweet/bubbly as the same time. I personally think it doesn´t last all day and you have to keep spaying throughout the day. The bottle cost me 24,95 euro´s. Its definitly an everyday wear to the office smell, you can get away with it.

Overall i think that these three bottles will help you make you go through Spring 24.

They are fresh, bubbly, fruity and could last a while at the same time!!

Any questions, ask me down below.

xoxo Lola Beauty.

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