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Review: Kylie Skincare Products!

Hi everyone, i am back for another review!! This time no make up products but skin products. I have always been a huge fan of kylie's products, i love her make up products. So when i saw she brought a skin line out a while back ago, i had to try it. First they weren't for sale in Holland but after a while they obviously decided to bring them out. I bought these two products at product store called, Douglas. They were on sale and i had to try them out.

I bought the face mosturizer by Kylie and I bought the Vitamine C serum.

Let me start with the face mosturizer, the face mosturizer has a medium thick consistency, the creme is very nice on your skin, it feels very light as if u don't have anything on. Personally i like the feeling of having something on my skin, but with this one that's not the case. The creme feels very light and it does moisturize, you don't need much and it smells like it has a very nice hint of walnut. I like it but i don't think i will buy a new one after i am done with this tube. Why? i am not really convinced it's better than any other drugstore brand. Here is a quick swatch:

For the vitamine c serum, now this one has nice glow to it...for two seconds than the glow dissappears and it looks like you have nothing on. I like for a serum to make my skin glow for least a day. It does smell very nice, like a nice minty smell but doesn't stay on your skin for long. Here is a swatch of the serum on my skin: Skin does glow but it dissappears quickly.

I don't know what these products will the do in the long run but i do know i won't buy them again. I am not convinced that they are better than any other drugstore brand. I am interested in trying her scrub product, the walnut scrub and maybe the vanilla foam cleanser. But for now, let me try these on out and maybe in a month or so, my opinion will be different.

Any questions? Ask me down below!

xoxo Lola

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