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Review: Huda Beauty Brown Palette!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Hello everyone, today I am back with Huda Beauty. Now let me tell you this, I never tried Huda Beauty until I saw them for sale, these cute little brown palettes, I had to buy them. So I did and I bought the brown version. Beautiful warm caramel, brown, yellowish colours.

Huda Beauty is a cosmetics line launched in 2013 by American businesswoman and makeup artist Huda Kattan with her older sister Mona Kattan, In the span of 5 years, the brand has built a positive reputation on some of its products, such as fake eyelashes series, a collection of foundation, eyeshadow and some face palettes. Her make up line is extremely successful and her products are really pigmented, so they say… The palette I bought was on sale, perfect timing to try it out:). I always wondered what her product would be like and how it would look on me.

This one is called ''Brown'', the colours are yellow, dark and light brown to glittery ones.

Here is a swatch:

As you can see the colours vary from browns to yellow to glittery goldens ones. Perfect for an everyday glam, or a nighttime glam! I tend to use the brown colours a lot and not so much of the golden ones. All tho everyone talks about Huda Beauty like it’s the best thing ever, I am still no convinced it’s THAT amazing! I still had to try to get the colours on my skin too look very pigmented, i am not really excited about this palette, maybe other palettes are better and more beautiful but this one is not my type of palette. It is not pigmented and i feel the colours are just bluh not pretty enough for me, i have many palettes that look like that. So this palette does not faze me.

I bought the palette for 14,99 euro’s, usually it’s around 29,99 euro’s but i would not pay that much for this palette.

Any questions? Aske me down below:).

xoxo Lola

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