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Review: Jefree Starr Eyepalettes

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Hi everyone, welcome back to another review!! Recently i was walking in a dutch store which is called ICI Paris xl, it's an pretty pricey makeup store. You get all the wonderful brands like Chanel, Huda Beauty, Yves Saint Lauren, Urban Decay etc. To my suprise i saw an entire collection of Jefree Starr on sale. I had to buy a few palettes, and i decided to buy two, called conspiracy and androgony. Both palettes are pretty pricey but they were on sale so i decided to give it go. I never followed Jefree Starr on Youtube but i have noticed that his make up brand is very pigmented and had good reviews, i had to buy it. Jefree Starr is a Youtube Guru, he has been around for a while and he has 16 milion subscribers. He definitly knows how to create a BRAND.

The first one is called conspiracy, it's a pretty big palette, normally it costs about 50 euro's but now it was 35 euro's. The palette is pretty big, it has all the colours u need, from beige colours to bright colours too darker colours, the colours are pigmented and intense. Very nice formula, very soft and buttery.

Here is a swatch of all the colours.

These colours are more for a daytime look. These colours are more for a colorful trendy look.

You can definitly mix these darker colours for a smokey trendy eye look.

This palette is amazing and it also contains a huge mirror from the inside, i tend to use this palette almost everyday. The colours vary from pretty basic colours to bright ones and darker ones, it has everything you need. I personally love the first colours, the brown and beiges one and than i love the darker colours. The thing that i noticed with this palette was that the palette is very pigmented, the colours are easy to apply, you do not need much of it to get the intensity you need.

The next palette is the Androgony palette, it is one of the first palettes Jefree brough out. It's orginal price if 50 euro and i bought it around 34 euro's. The colours are very simple, very pigmented and it has everything u need, from basic colours to darker ones. The colours are pretty matt, it contains two bronzy colours but the rest are pretty matt. The outside is very pink!

and has a mirror on the inside, so it's easy when u want to apply make up on a daily basis.

Here is a swatch of the colours,

The colours are very different then from the first palette, they are more ''simple'', you have darker colours and more beige/golden brown colours, they are very pigmented and easy to use, i love this palette for an everyday look. I tend to use to the burgundy colour a lot for my eyes and i love the golden colours too. The palette can be very powdery but the pigment is amazing.

I never been a follower of Jefree Starr, but now i tend to love him more and more, i have more products that i bought from his collection, the next one is the mini orgy palette, i will put a review of that one up soon. His make up collection is very pigmented and colorful, a bit pricey but worth it, so check it out!

Any questions? Ask them down below

xoxo Lola.

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