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Review: Hello New York Palette.

Remember my first review of the Essence city palette? Yes? I am back today for another review:). I bought the last one i wanted which is Hello New York. One of my favorites from the collection. Hello New York is a cool toned palette, drugstore palette. The palette is very inspired by New York, the colours vary from purple to blue to grey tones. I didn't have these colours in my collection and now i do.

The outside is as you can see very new york-ish. I love the fact that it has a mirror inside of the palette.

Here is a swatch

The blue silvery ones definitly create a nice tone for the palette, absolutely gives it a New York spirit. You can definitly match it well with the other colours. I also love the fact that they added darker colours to the palette.

Essence is a non pricey drugstore make-up brand but nevertheless, they have their products. I have been using their products for years and i have always been satified. So definitly a big up to Essence.

Any questions? Ask them down below!

xoxo Lola

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