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Review: Get it Girl AMS eyeshadow palettes.

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

I am reviewing the 'Get it Girl eyeshadow palettes, i love you to the moon and back' today.

These palettes are so cute and easy to carry. I think they are only available in Holland but you can definitly pursue some of their products online through their website. It's a brand that was created last year in 2020 and is inspired by the capital of Holland - Amsterdam. I personally bought them at a drugstore when they were on sale. They went from 9,99 euro's to 4,99 euro's and i had to try them out.

I bought two eyeshadow palettes called 'Eye Love You to the moon and back'. One is called Space Blue and the other is called Planet Earth.

Let me review the blue one first.

On the front you see this cartoon image of a blonde girl wearing a helmet.

And when you open it you see four different colors, two matt shades beige and grey and one brown and blue one.

It has a cute little mirror inside. You can go from daytime to nighttime with this palette in a heartbeat.

Here is a swatch on my arm

As you can see the blue really kicks in and gives it this nice smokey nighttime look. While the beige and grey colours give it a nice daytime vibe.

The Planet Earth one is way different, the colors remind me of spring or summer, it’s very fresh and the purple gives it a nice vibe. You can create really nice looks.

The colors vary from light bronze to a very white color and ofcourse the purple one.

Here is a swatch

You can create various looks with these palettes, my favourite so far is definitly the blue one. You can purchase these palettes at the website is in dutch but you definitly translate it to english. Hopefully u enjoyed this quick review for any questions, comment down below!



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