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Review: Essence My Power is Water Palette.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Excited to share another essence palette with you. I saw this palette at the drugstore and at first i hestitated on buying it, but as soon as you open it, it's absolutely gorgeous and i bought i, tried it out at home and fell in i HAD to review this. It's called Essence ''MY POWER IS''. The collection contains, Earth, Fire and Water. With each palette there is one fixing spray and a lipstick (matt). I am going to review Water today, the palettes are based on zodiac signs, mine is Cancer.

Dance with the waters as they say....

As you can see the front of this palette is really cute, it definitly gives you an ocean vibe type of feel. As soon as you open it, the colours are stunning. The colours vary from bronzy types to golden to ocean blue ones and even a cute purple one! U can definitly create some beautiful looks with this one!

Here is a swatch on my arm

It's based on zodiac signs. I am a cancer and i sure am emphatic haha. When you open the palette this is what u see, it's really thoughtful of Essence!

I personally think this palette is perfect for summer or spring, the colours are so bright and beautiful and for the price, which was 4,99 euro's , it's definitly a no brainer.

The collection contains also lipsticks with each palette and a spray and two others palettes, which are called fire and earth, those palettes are very orange toned and green toned mixed with some golden/brown colours, but i loved this one since i didn't really had a lot of blues in my collection and my zodiac sign is cancer.

Hope u liked this quick review and hopefully it inspired you to go and buy the product yourself, Check out the collection and i'm sure you will love it especially if you like the products of Essence. I sure did!

See you next time and lotssss of beauty kisses!



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