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Review: Deep Treatment Mask Overnight Shea Butter by Shea Moisture.

Review: Deep Treatment Mask Overnight Shea Butter by Shea Moisture.

Today i am going to review the deep treatment shea butter mask by Shea Moisture. Shea Moisture is a hair care line especially designed for frizzy coarse curly hair. I haven't tried many of their products since their products are pretty pricy. I have tried the deep treatment so far. I really love the smell and texture of the product. The texture is really thick and creamy and the smell is nice and minty but not too strong of a smell to carry in your hair.

I have 3b/c type of hair so my hair is pretty curly but coarse at the same time. I like to deep condition my hair at a regular basis. Usually i like to deep condition my hair three times a week. I like to keep it in ym hair for about an hour or two.

As you can see the product looks kinda neutral from the outside. The colours are brown/white - It just says Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque.

The texture is really thick. It has a creamy texture and it smells like mint.

I left the product in my hair for an hour or so and then i washed it out. Once i washed it out i felt like it made my hair less frizzy. These are the results.

My hair looks less frizzy and feels more moisturized. I also feel like it detangled my hair pretty well and it made my hair feel nice and smooth but also with a yummy minty smell.

I bought the product at a drugstore here in Holland. The product was about 15,99 euro's. So it's pretty pricey but worth it i guess. I am pretyy happy with the results maybe in the future i will buy it again.

Thank for reading this review hopefully you got something out of it and buy the product yourself. Any questions? Ask me down below!!!



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