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My favorite fashion inspirations!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

When it comes to fashion i am definitly someone who loves to switch up her style often. I remember being 15 and broke and i was always like i would love 'too buy this but i can't', but as soon as my pockets started to be fuller, i started to expirement with different styles. Wore alot of heels and still to this day fashion is my outlet.

I do have certain styles that inspire me and today i want to share those styles with you and i would also love to hear, your style and what you love in the comments.

Let me first start off with the ''model of duty style''. This is by far my most favorite fashion style. The laid back relaxed style with the bit of an edge makes everything perfect, for example down below, this girl's outfit is everything to me, i love the oversized shirt, the black jeans with the heels and bag. It's so simple and screams 'simple and cool'' at the same times.

The next one...

I love anything fur so this style and picture stood out to me, i loved the that she kept it cool

with black and edgy with the fur, definitly an inspiration. I have a lot of fur jackets and i feel like a diva on my worst day with it so its a must in every closet.

And can we see amen with this outfit down the below? This definitly gave me life, she looks AMAZING, i personally would wear a legging underneath the oversized sweater. I love the simplicity but still the edgyness of this outfit. The earrings and cute little bag. Love!! Definitly going on my moodboard inspiration!!

I just love what Candice is wearing in this picture, normally i always try to figure out how i can wear shorts and still make it look fashionable without making it look tacky and this gave me another view on shorts. The simple t shirt with shorts and boots make the outfit look classier instead of trashier. For the daredevils, this is an option.

Ms.Lauren Conrad has always been favorite of mine, i remember being in high school around 2008 and i would always watch the Hills and with anything i had in my closet i would definitly try to recreate my own Hills a la Lauren look haha, i would do the black nails with the winged eyeliner, curl my hair like Lauren. So when i saw this picture it took me back, i always had a love for feminine dresses and i have a few in my closets so i am going to try some out this summer. Back tot the picture, look at that HAIR! the colour of that dress, the shape, the shoes, she looked so beautiful. Moodboard!!!!

Another Lauren photo, i have a lot of tiger print shirts and this one definitly gave another mevibe. I love how simple it looks but still fashionable, the sunglasses, the black ballerinas and jeans. Yes! Love!

Animal print gives me life, anything animal print has been a inspiration for my fashion closet these last months. I love this dress. I definitly want to buy more animal print.

This style is just so cool, i love the baggy jeans with the flats and the oversized blazer, i don't have any baggy jeans but this makes me want to buy some and rock them!

The meaning of this post to show you a few fashion pics that stood out to me this month for inspiration, i will definitly post more of these fashion inspirations, like every two months or so. These pics gave me new inspiration and i will definitly try these out this spring and summer.

Any comments,?

Let me know!!



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