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Make up Palette Review: Wild Animal Palette by Revolution London.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hi everyone, today is review day again. It's been a while, so i thought i picked one up.

Today i will review the 'Wild Animal Palette by Revolution London'. I love this palette this is one of these palettes that you kinda forget you have in your collection because i don't use it all the time. I like to use smaller palettes for more daily looks because they are easier to grab and put in your bag.

There are a few others from this collection but this one stood out to me the most.

Like i said i'ts called ''Wild Animal, Courage''.

As you can see its a pretty big palette and on the front a lovely tigerprint image. The front also feels very much different not like fur but kinda or atleast they tried and on the back it says: Revolution Courage Wild Animal Palette, the back is colored black.

When you open it contains a huge mirror, big enough to do an entire face!

What stood out to me the most is how pigmented the colours are they are so intense and this is a drugstore palette so for the price which was 11,99 euro's, it's a pretty decent deal. You can create some intense looks with it for every day looks and also nighttime looks. The colours are not very dark, you have dark ones but more dark brown colours nothing black , the rest contains shimmery and a few matt colours. You can see a pink fuschia color, shimmery shades like the golden ons, green ones and matt shades like beige and browns. I really really like the light silver one.

Here is a swatch

The first one is my favorite, very silver, very pigmented.

As you can see they are very pigmented.

I also created a nice rosy daytime eyelook with it. Added some falsies and volia! You are ready to go!!! I used very soft colors with a touch of pink to create this look. I like softer looks for the daytime, nothing to heavy so with this palette you can certaintly go both ways.

I have always been a fan of Revolution London, it's not expensive yet still very pigmented and beautiful so you definitly get something back for the price you pay. I have a few other palettes of Revolution London, a basic matte palette, a glittery one and also a very colorful one like rainbow colors. I might do a review on them in the future. But this one is my favorite so far. I will definitly try to use this more everyday.

I loved reviewing this product, it was a short one but i wrote all i wanted to say. If you want to add something, leave it in the comments and subscribe for more posts!


Lola xoxo

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