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Review: Essence City Palette; Hello Konichiwa!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

I bought this in a drugstore store here in Holland for about €6,99 euro's and was suprised how pigmented the colors are for the price. So it's a good deal with the years they have certainly improved, Essene has always been a budget friendly make up brand! I have a few city palettes in my collection (from 'Hello Berlin to Salut Paris') but the new one which is called 'Hello Konichiwa!' inspired by the lovely Tokyo Japan is the one I am going to review today.

The front it says Konichiwa Tokyo. The backround contains a picture of the city nightlife of Tokyo.

When you open the palette it has these beautiful rich pigmented colours from brown to orange to nice golden/bronze colors and pinkish colors, with a pop of light glitterish blue. You have matt shades and shiny shades it's an easy palette to carry in your bag and it even has a mirror from within.

You can create rosy eyelooks or golden ones, it depends on what you like.

The front has a image of the lovely Tokyo Japan. Konichiwa Tokyo.

Here you have swatch of every colour on my arm. I personally really love the pop of blue and the brown/orange colors. You can create some really great eye looks with it, using the light golden and light blue as highlighters at the inner corners of your eyes!

I personally think most colors don't really represent Tokyo. I love the palette and the colours but with Tokyo i would have liked to see more bright colorful colours like the blue one but all in all, i still love it!

You can still create amazing eye looks that are fun to wear and enjoy the make-up palette. You can match the brown/orangy colours to create a soft daytime smokey eye look, or you can go bright and the light colours for a more bright look.

I hope you loved this quick first product review and you are inspired to go and buy the product yourself. In Europe (Holland) you can buy this at any drugstore ( I bought it at Kruidvat for 6,99 euro's). For outsiders, the best way to purchase it is through the website of Essence. Which you can find through Google, (i cannot add a link for some reason, unfortunately). They also have an instagram page called ''essence_cosmetics''. Check it out!

Lots of beauty kisses,



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