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Review: LailaLoves by Lottie LONDON.

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Review: LailaLoves Eyeshadow Palette 'Fantasy' and 'Sahara'.

Today is the day of reviewing one of the best eyeshadow palette i've had so far. The Laila Loves by Lottie London eyeshadow palette. This palette rocks and is absolutely gorgeous, the colors are STUNNING, very pigmented and the package is so cute, it's easy to carry and easy to use. It contains six colours, two very golden shimmery buttery soft colors, one peach color, one dark shimmery brown and one golden. And then there is this bright purple colour to finish the palette off. Three colours of the palette feel very buttery, when u touch the colours they feel so smooth and so soft like butter.

When u apply the colors they also look very soft on the eye.

Laila Loves is a beautyguru from the UK and orginally from Morroco. I never heard of her before but when i bought the palette i searched for it and saw she is a beauty guru. A beauty guru from London and with her own makeup collection. I immediatly tried a few eye looks and what i found amazing is that colours were very pigmented. I bought the Fantasy palette, there is an another called Sahara, i am going to purchase that one soon but this one caught my eye first because of the purple colour. The front as you can see is very cute and tiny. When u open it you see this cute mirror inside and the colours are gorgeous. The colours vary from golden, to peachy to a bright purple.

Here is a picture

Here is a swatch

My favourite ones are the peachy and golden ones combined with the purple color.

Next one is callled Sahara, this one is definitly a pretty one to use on a everyday basis. The colours are very earthy and you can create some day to day looks with this one.

Here is a swatch

The colours vary from bronze/orange to golden tones. I definitly love this one, the colours are gorgeous and very pigmented.

These palettes definitly has my heart! Definitly purchase these ones and try it out. I always loved Lottie London. You can carry the palettes in your bag and just give yourself a touch up if needed and also make sure to check out Laila Loves channel on Youtube. I will definitly in the future buy more products of Lottie London and can't wait for more products to review.

Hope u like this quick review and see you soon!



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